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How to Use PR to Attract a Flood of Media + Awareness

New Training for NGOs, Non-Profit and Charitable organizations that need more awareness

In this FREE on-demand mini-training session you will discover:

  • How PR builds awareness so you can reach your goals quickly and cost-effectively
  • The framework you must use for creating, implementing and evaluating a PR plan
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PR Illuminator Program

If your organization doesn’t have skilled public relations professionals to develop strategic communications, you’re missing out on a key marketing tactic that impacts your bottom line.

Communicate the importance of your brand and amplify your messaging by learning to craft an effective public relations strategy and how to implement it with the PR Illuminator Program. In this 9-Step, high-touch coaching program, you will plan, produce, implement and evaluate a custom PR strategy.

It’s like flipping the switch on awareness and shining a spotlight on your company.

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What We Offer

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Course Length

9 workshops


12 weeks


100% online


Unlimited access coaching

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