The Rise of Account-based Marketing

“If you are not using ABM marketing techniques today, you probably should reassess your entire B2B sales and marketing strategy and execution efforts, to see if ABM can help save you time and money with your go-to-market plans. My guess is, you may be wasting a lot of time and money today that ABM can help you recover. It will be very interesting to see how ABM techniques and demand evolve over the coming years, but there is no time like the present, in terms of being an early adopter of ABM.”

– George Deeb, Forbes

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Do your sales people hate wasting their time researching prospects and who to call?

Does sales need more qualified leads from marketing?
Don’t have the resources to scale?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We hear this from all our clients…

You want:

  • Faster sales cycle
  • More productive sales team interacting with prospects and converting them to customers
  • To secure the most valuable customers for your business
  • Sales and marketing synchronized efforts
  • Predictable ROI
  • Continually strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Because you don’t want to waste resources, you need to find a method that delivers effectively and efficiently.

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You don’t need everyone in your network, you only need the right customers.

And, how do you find the ideal customers?

And, how do you find the ideal customers?

Rather than relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to appeal to an entire market, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) treats individual accounts as markets in their own right.

ABM is like fishing with a spear, not a net. It is focused, efficient, effective and strategic to the growth of your company.

There’s considerably less ‘by-catch’ as you are only engaging with prospects that are more likely to buy from you. Combine that narrow focus with an amazing customer journey, and conversion rates start to climb!

Account-based Marketing benefits sales people, marketing people and business development professionals alike.

Take your prospects from ‘curious’ to customer and deal with these scenarios:

Reduce Wasted Time

ABM reduces up to 50% of wasted sales time on unproductive leads. (Marketo)

Increase Revenue

Companies using ABM generate 200% more revenue for their marketing efforts compared to those that don’t. (FlipMyFunnel)

Higher ROI

85% of marketers who use ABM have higher returns than any other marketing approach they use.. with 50% marketers reporting ‘significantly higher’ ROI. (ITSMA)

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Companies with aligned sales and marketing teams on average generate 208% more revenue for their marketing efforts. (MarketingProfs) Research also shows that companies are 67% better at closing deals when their sales and marketing teams are synced. (Salesforce/Marketo)

“In the next 2 years, we will see many B2B enterprises continue along the ABM maturity curve, moving from initial pilots in a single geography (E.G. North America) to planning, budgeting, and running ‘always-on’ global ABM programs.”

– Mani Iyer, CEO, Kwanzoo

Here’s the thing…

Account based marketing is here to stay. And it’s likely that your competitor is already using it to increase market share and close more deals.

If you’re not using ABM methods, you’re leaving money on the table – and spending more than you need to.

Sales Prospecting is NOT what it used to be.

In the past, it was easier to capture and convert great customers, but now ABM is rapidly being adopted as the way B2B marketing, lead generation and client acquisition is done.

Account-based Marketing helps businesses allocate their spending to their highest-value customers to maximize their lead generation in the short-term, and revenues in the long-term.

Revenue Growth 65%
Client Retention 100%
New Lead Generation 80%

According to the 2018 ABM Benchmark Study conducted by ITSMA and Demandbase, a quarter of marketing budgets are now dedicated to ABM programs.

42% of all marketers currently practice some form of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

ABM practitioners are 33% more effective at connecting marketing efforts to revenue.

ABM practitioners are 54% more effective at engaging existing contacts with outbound marketing.

ABM practitioners shorten the length of the buyer’s journey at 1.5 times greater rate.

It’s time you make the transition from an old-school methodology, to a high-value, targeted sales strategy – fast.

B2B marketers who successfully launch and sustain formal ABM programs can improve their firms’ revenue growth and profit margins, strengthen connections between marketing and sales colleagues, and enhance interactions with customers and prospects. Success requires new working relationships between marketing and sales.” – ‘Account-based Marketing Brings Marketing and Sales into the Same Orbit,’ Forrester, 2016.

Learn about the BetterProspecting™ ABM method.

Account-based Marketing is a go-to-market strategy that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to land and expand target accounts.

ABM is not simply a tactic of marketing for B2B businesses, but is a complete business growth strategy which aligns your marketing, sales and service with the sole aim of targeting specific business sectors or verticals within a defined geographic area and identifying a “Target Account List” of “good fit” companies.

It’s a step by step solution to:

BetterProspecting™ lets you scale with the team you have…

and in 7 Steps creates a powerful program that builds relationships with your ideal clients.

BetterProspecting™ ABM works better than other sales systems because it delivers.

  • Marketing & Sales Personalized To Your Individual Audience
  • Predictable and Transparent Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Focuses Your Time on High-Yield Marketing Campaigns
  • Reduce Sales Cycle Time
  • ABM Strengthens Your Relationships with Existing Customers
  • ABM Drives Natural Alignment Between Your Marketing, Sales and Service Teams

What our clients say about us!

I’ve worked with BetterProspecting™ ; their research analysts free up more of my time to expand my business network and cultivate new customers. And I get better business insight into my prospects at a glance.

Scott G.

Technical Business Development

The account and people insights from BetterProspecting™ frees up my time for more customer contact. The depth of information has helped me reach more customers faster.

John J.

Director of Business Development

This is the most cost-effective way I’ve found to get in-depth research for business development projects. BetterProspecting™ delivers the research I need for business insight, and it frees up more time that I can spend with clients.

Rob G.

CEO & Managing Director

I personalize my customer outreach messaging, but that requires a lot of research to get to know their business and their people. The ABM research from BetterProspecting™ gives me the insight I need and saves me time. Instead of spending valuable time doing research, I now spend more time contacting prospects.

Bill W.

Business Development Manager

Why Work With Us?

BetterProspecting™ helps sales and marketing drive a winning

go-to-market strategy and exceptional customer experiences.

Imagine getting these results:

Imagine getting these results:

Here’s our 7-Step process

It is focused, efficient, effective and strategic to the growth of the companies that use it.



Identify the customers that matter



Know their business



Know their people & the ideal buyer persona



Apply insight to personalize the message



Contract the ~100 decision makers that matter



Deliver a multi-channel customer journey



Metrics to improve sales efficacy



“I make money when I spend time calling, not when I’m doing research on prospects,” is what we hear a lot from our clients’ top producing sales people.

Help your sales team to:

  • Increase sales by being more effective, efficient and strategic.

  • Speed up your sales cycle and conversions

  • Do what they do best: close deals.

BetterProspecting™ ABM method gives you:

Better account insights

Identified Entry Points: Know their people & the ideal buyer persona

Focused Outreach: Contact the ~200 decision makers that matter

Comprehensive Customer Journey

Measured Progress:  Metrics to improve sales efficacy

How can we help you?

From research and consulting to full program implementation, select from 4 levels of involvement.


Providing detailed research of your ideal client or prospects for your sales team to use.


We work with you to train your Sales and Marketing teams on the BetterProspecting™ account-based marketing method.

Hired Guns

This option is the ‘done for you’ version, where you can hire our team to implement a BetterProspecting™ account-based marketing program for you.


As consultants we outline the core model of your business and identify solutions to your pain points recommending any number of the business services or tools needed, such as sales and marketing support, research, training, consulting, templates, or prospect research by analysts.

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The proof is in the research!

Higher ROI 97%

Of B2B marketers agree that ABM has a higher ROI than other marketing services.

Expand in Business Relationships 84%

Of B2B marketers believe ABM provides significant benefits for retaining and expanding current business relationships.

Impact Marketing Campaigns 96%

Of marketers found that ABM positively impacted their marketing campaigns.

If you’re thinking that you don’t need to be doing this or can’t afford this program – think again!

The cost of not doing this is that your company becomes a laggard or worse, obsolete.

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of companies recognize the value of ABM and see the strategy as a ‘must have’ for B2B marketing. *

*According to The 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing Study conducted by SiriusDecisions.

Who is behind BetterProspecting™

We are a global team of experienced senior business development, analysts, sales and marketing specialists.

We train, coach, provide support and a process that’s easy to understand and implement.

So what does this mean for you?

So what does this mean for you?

Using our strategy will build your revenue quickly and seamlessly. It’s a proven method that can build your market share, and business in record time.

Why does Account-based Marketing continue to grow? The short answer is it delivers results.

Don’t fall behind the competition. Book a call with us today!

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